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That's right.

The Blue Iris Journal will be reborn as a blog.

Since we seem lacking in a book review editor these days (Susan has other fires to attend to), there will be fewer reviews. Logical. I still have two reviews that have not been put up but after them that'll be it. Maybe.

I will have to change the line in the header about "reviewing fine books" -- maybe just "throwing the book" or "levying fines" -- hmm, have to think about this.

-- Phil

March 23, 2005 | Permalink


Dear Elizabeth, You probably won't remember having met me, but how do I go about having Blue Iris review my latest mystery novel?

Title: Roan's Requeim

Author's Name : Robert L. Hecker

Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory

Copyright (month & year): July, 2004

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

ISBN: 0-7599-4025-8

Brief description of book:
Benjamin Roan is co-owner of a company that provides security for high-tech industry located in the high society sunbelt of Newport Beach, Calif. When one of his female guards, Ben's fiance, is found dead everyone says, "accident." But Ben suspects "murder."
To find proof, Ben takes over her guard duties at a high-tech industry where, despite attents to kill him, he discovers ruthless schemes involving pornography, industrial espionage, and high-tech murder--and a Latina bombshell named Samantha.
In an exciting climax, Ben tracks down the mysterious killer with unusual--and deadly--results.

Posted by: Robert L. Hecker | Jun 2, 2005 6:33:15 PM

How do we submit reviews now? I have a couple I'd like to send you but with the new format and new folks at the helm, don't have the contact info.

Posted by: Kim Richards | Jun 30, 2005 2:28:47 AM

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